A story that is probably similar yours

I grew up in small town Texas, although I'm not sure you could call where I'm from a "town" as it's never even had a stop light. My Mom would give me a dollar in the morning, just enough to buy a Dr. Pepper and a candy bar at the convenience store, and I'd be off. My time was spent outside, sneaking into the peanut mill, building tree houses, catching crawdads to sell, lighting things on fire, and mowing yards for money.

As I got older, graduated from school, got married, and moved away to much bigger places, I found myself far away from the life of adventure that I spent so many years dreaming about. One day my wife and I discovered we had both been thinking, this is not the kind of life I imagined I'd have. We realized that we'd rather have a fulfilling life instead of the one everyone else expected us to live. We had the choice, or option, to show our kids how to dream big, put ourselves out there, and to pursue adventure--no matter how big or little it seemed.

I quit my job, moved, and started a shop that would give others what they needed to dream big, put themselves out there, and to pursue adventure. Because here at Option Gray, we believe that adventure is not just the big bucket list trip you take. It's also in the small things you do every week.

Adventure is waking up early Saturday morning to go fishing on a new lake, taking your family car camping, heading off on the trails at a nearby state or national park, or running your first 5k. It's also the journey that leads up to that big trip, but we're here to support you in your quest to be intentional about living an adventurous life.


Option Gray is a shop with education, inspiration, and gear for intentional living.

I started Option Gray in 2015 to bring you the best gear, from both the big guys and the small, emerging artisans. Enjoy transparent shipping costs (with most U.S. orders shipping around $2.65 and 3-day international shipping), free returns and the best customer service, guaranteed.

Go. Pursue a life of adventure while maintaining the options you have to effectively handle anything life can throw at you.


Option Gray Founder


Where we are

Option Gray is a Stephenville, Texas-based company. (Don't know where Stephenville is? Located in North Texas, it's a booming college town that offers the conveniences of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex while staying true to its small town, cowboy roots.) We love it here.