10 Best pieces of EDC gear under $10

10 Best pieces of EDC gear under $10

Your EDC doesn't have to be expensive. Actually, many folks practice everyday carry and don't even know it, picking up useful gear as they go. They have their wallet, keys and may carry either a pocket knife or something as simple as a lighter. But, if you're looking to update your gear, start with our list of our Top EDC Gear Under $10. Your next "can't function without it" tool could be a cheap one.

10 Best pieces of EDC gear under $10
Our value guide of gear under $10 includes a Pocket Notebook (we've got over 50 notebook styles in-stock), Gerber ShardCountyComm Screw Key SetVargo Spork ULVUncle Bill's Sliver Gripper TweezersField Notes No2 PencilsWrite Notepads Slip-N-Snip Folding ScissorsWrite Notepads Pocket RulerTEC Accessories Python Clip and Adventure Medical Kit's Pocket Medic.

If you're new to practicing the mindset of EDC or if you got your first pocket knife in elementary school, constantly evaluating your EDC is an important part ensuring you are prepared for the unknowns of everyday. Only you know where you're going, what you're doing, who you will be with.

We drool over the latest tools, knives and gear, but updating your everyday carry doesn't have to be expensive. We put together a list of our top EDC gear under $10 so you can change up your Primary or Secondary EDC to ensure you have the most useful setup, no matter what you have planned.

In no particular order, let's take a look at our top 10:


Pocket Notebook

Rite in the Rain Stapled 3-Pack

We have talked about before how important carrying a pocket notebook is in day-to-day life. Being intentional about writing things down, whether to do lists, notes, phone numbers or just doodles, can better set you up for remembering life's details. It also creates a record of what you wrote down, giving a little bit of history in the mundane parts of life.

We have over 50 pocket notebook styles in-stock (pictured is the best-selling Rite in the Rain Stapled 3-Pack in Tan). If you're looking for classic, prints, waterproof, grid, dot grid, traditional lined, spiral top, spiral side, stapled ... we've got it. I's an inexpensive way to upgrade and change out your EDC. 

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Gerber Shard

Gerber Shard is a great EDC OPMT option

We did a full review of the Gerber Shard here as its an EDC favorite for many.

At only 0.6 ounces in weight, it boasts 7 functions and easily fits into your keychain EDC setup.The large lanyard hole allows you to use all of it's 7 tools without taking it off, which sets itself apart from many other keychain, single-piece tools. 

Unlike a folding multitool that conceals its tools and functions, this one-piece leaves all its tools exposed, which depending on your keychain setup, can poke you in the wrong places. Here at Option Gray, we're pretty evenly divided about keeping the Shard (or any other OPMT, one piece multitool) on a keychain that lives in our pockets or attached to a belt loop via a carabiner or TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip. Either way works.

For function and price, you'd be hard pressed to find better value than the Gerber Shard.

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CountyComm Screw Key Set

CountyComm Screw Key Set is an EDC screwdriver for your keychain

Made out of heat-treated blackened steel, this Screw Key Set is as basic as it can get. It's the simple idea of a screwdriver on your keyring.

The set includes a standard and Phillips screwdriver, both attached to a 1" diameter satin keyring.

Especially if your Primary EDC includes a folding pocket knife, having screwdrivers easily accessible on your keychain (or kept in your Secondary EDC Pocket Organizer) can come in handy if you're opening up battery covers, assembling basic furniture, tightening a lose door nob and even just to scrape or pry, which saves your blade. It's a great inexpensive upgrade for your keychain tools.

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Vargo Spork ULV

Add a titanium spork to your EDC with Vargo's Ultra Lightweight Version

Having an eating utensil in your Secondary or Extended EDC makes you ready for the next time you find yourself without something to eat with. Keep it at work, take it with you on your next camping trip or throw it in your EDC organizer.

Vargo's "Ultra Lightweight Version" Spork is only 0.38 ounces for a full size, 6.5" eating utensil. Made out of titanium, it's seemingly indestructible.

If you've never EDCed a spork, "splurge" on this one over the plastic throw-away fork you stole from Chick-fil-a. You won't regret it.

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Uncle Bills Sliver Gripper Tweezers

Add tweezers to your EDC with Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper

Crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel and precise in their point of contact, you can grab fine hairs, splinters, stingers, stitches, thorns and more with these tweezers. These are stainless steel, but we also carry them in black oxide or titanium.

Especially if you're out with your family, having tweezers available to provide some basic first aid is a great way to be prepared. They come with a clip that allows them to be put on your keyring. Just squeeze to pull out the tweezers to remove them from the clip. To replace them, just squeeze and push the pointed end into the clip's slot until it clicks into place.

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Field Notes No2 Woodgrain Pencils (6-Pack)

Field Notes No2 Pencils are a good way to add a writing instrument to your EDC

In today's day of technology, nothing beats putting pen to paper. We've written before about how important carrying a pen and paper is, but that also applies to good, old fashioned pencils. 

The don't run out (well, it takes a very long time to), are much more forgiving with the built in eraser, and sharpening it with your pocket knife is strangely mindless and rewarding.

Field Notes No2 Woodgrain Pencils are a good place to start. For less than $5, you get 6, which should last you a while. Throw one into your go bag, your car, your backpack or anywhere else having a writing utensil will come in handy.

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Write Notepads Folding Pocket Scissors

Add scissors to your EDC with the Slip-N-Snip Folding Scissors

Scissors are a great way to diversify and grow your Primary and Secondary EDC. Write Notepads paired up with Slip-N-Snip for these handy, made in the USA, scissors.

We have talked about before about six reasons why you should add scissors to your EDC and at under $10, these folding scissors make it easy to do.

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Write Notepads Pocket Linear Measuring Device (Ruler)

EDC Ruler by Write Notepads

This 611C ruler is a two-sided 6" ruler with a clip. It is 1/2" wide and .020" thick. It has pica/half-pica increments on front top and inches (16ths) on the bottom. On the back edge there are point increments on the top and metric on the bottom. It has a flush start, making accurate measuring simple.

As part of your Primary EDC, you can keep the ruler clipped to your shirt pocket if you use it throughout the day. For most people it makes an easy addition to your Secondary EDC, as it fits in most of our Pocket Organizers, so you can make sure you always have an accurate way to measure.

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TEC Accessories Python Clip

Keep your EDC accessible with TEC Accessories Python Cip

There are countless uses for the TEC Accessories Python Clip, and we gave five good ones here. It's the perfect keychain accessory to keep specific items detachable. Make your keys useable and flexible so they can easily change depending on where you are going and what you're doing. 

A much easier option over standard split rings, the Python Clip allows for quick addition or removal of items. Once you clip it on, it will NOT let go, and at less than $5, you can justify multiple to get the most out of your Primary EDC setup.

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Adventure Medical Kits Pocket Medic

Adventure Medical Kit Pocket Medic makes adding first aid to our EDC easy

First aid is an important part of your EDC. Having basic first aid supplies can clean you up after a cut, stop an oncoming migraine or even save your life.

If you're looking for something small and lightweight, that won't break the bank, Adventure Medical Kit's Pocket Medic is a good place to start, especially if you currently don't have any first aid gear in your Secondary EDC. It contains the basics for one person, like wound care, blister care, burn care, tweezers and medication.

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