An all brass, EDC gear pocket dump

An all brass, EDC gear pocket dump

Blues, brass and sapeli wood make up this featured carry. We're adding Otter-MESSER knives to our lineup and it's easy why the 174R Small Anchor Knife is taking center stage. A classic styled, slip-joint folder made in Solingen, Germany that is ground, stropped, and polished by hand.

An all brass, EDC gear pocket dump
Featured is the OTTER-Messer 174R Small Anchor Knife, the MARATAC Brass Peanut Lighter, Karas Kustoms Brass RETRAKT, and Write Notepads & Co Pocket Notebook.

Let's take a look.


OTTER-Messer Small Anchor Knife 174R, Sapeli Wood 

OTTER-Messer Small Anchor Knife 174R, Sapeli Wood

Since 1840 Otter-Messer has been making high-quality knives in Solingen, Germany. Otter-Messer translates to "Otter Knives," inspired by the otters who call the water near the factory their home. Their traditional knife-making process means a focus on quality, as every knife is ground, stropped, and polished by hand. Simple, beautiful and traditional, an Otter-Messer knife is a great way to change up your EDC.

Otter-Messer's Small Anchor Knife is a non-locking, slip-joint pocket knife that has a curved sheepsfoot blade, which offers good control for detail work. The broad size of the blade also makes it work well for most EDC cutting tasks.

Slip-joint wood handled folding knife by OTTER-Messer

The handle is a made out of weatherproof Sapeli wood, which is a golden color that tends to darken with age, developing a unique look that differs from who carries it, how it's carried and the unique oils of an individuals skin. The handle includes a stainless bolster and brass anchor inlay.

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MARATAC Peanut Lighter, Brass

MARATAC Peanut EDC Lighter, Brass

It's larger than the Split Pea Brass Lighter and holds 40% more fuel. The Peanut Lighter is perfect for having a little bit extra fuel for firestarting. Still an incredibly small brass lighter, the Peanut Lighter is constructed of solid brass and is 1.9" long. It weighs only 1.04 ounces.

The Peanut Lighter uses standard lighter fluid (not included) and can be carried in your pants pocket, keychain, EDC kit or stored with your camping equipment for a long period of time without the fluid drying out. The bottom of the lighter is flat, allowing it to stand up if need be. With that feature, it can easily serve as a hands-free source of light in a pinch.

EDC Brass Lighter that is Made in the USA

Shown here attached to an  A&P 6" Stainless Steel Cable Keyring, the Brass Peanut Lighter can be attached to your key ring, a zipper pull or just thrown in your go-bag.

Remove the insert and use the Peanut Lighter for a small, water-tight container to hold medication, survival items or any other small items. The possibilities are endless.

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Karas Kustoms RETRAKT, Brass

KarasKustoms RETRAKT, Brass is Made in the USA

The RETRAKT is a high-quality, American made pen body with an all-metal "click" mechanism. It works with several popular pen refills, (primarily with the Pilot G2 refills, but also works with any Parker compatible refill, including the Fisher PR style Space Pen refill) so you can have the look of a custom pen and still maintain the feel of your favorite refill. One of the best features of the RETRAKT? There are no logos anywhere. Simple, plain, functional and durable.

Machined from solid brass in Mesa, Arizona, USA, the brass RETRAKT weighs 2.5 ounces and is 5.625" in length, .44" diameter (minus the clip).

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Write Notepads & Co. Pocket Notebooks (3.75” x 5.5”) (3-Pack)

Write Notepads & Co. Pocket Notebooks (3.75” x 5.5”) (3-Pack)

Where's the wire? Welcome to Write Notepad's first generation of perfect bound EDC pocket notebooks that are 3.75” x 5.5”.

To showcase their American-made pride, they've selected a careful palette of colors including a muted red, muted blue and off-white. The cover of each notebook has a minimalist styling accentuated by a classic letterpress impression of "PROPERTY OF" and a line to make it yours. The set of three EDC notebooks are packaged in a perfectly fitted one-piece box that's sure to grab attention.

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