Everyday carry, just for women: Purse-ready organizer

Everyday carry, just for women: Purse-ready organizer

Below, Option Gray Co-Founder Jackie Martin takes us through these featured setups while giving some gift ideas for the women in your life. First up, is a purse-ready everyday carry organizer.

Day 1: Purse-ready everyday carry organizer
A Maxpedition E.D.C. Organizer in khaki holds an Adventure Medical Kit Travel Medic, Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" Notebook in yellow, Fisher Space Pen Stowaway Pen in blue, Leatherman Juice C2 in yellow, Solo Scientific Aurora Firestarter, Vargo Titanium Folding Spork and Sea to Summit Pocket Hand Wash.

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  5. Day 5: Pocket-friendly EDC


Women carry lots of stuff. As I write this, I chuckle because my purse is the rather large Saddleback Small Leather Tote in Tobacco. At a little under 19" x 12", it's a big bag. Seemingly, the bigger the bag the more stuff I carry. It's not unusual to go a few days to a few weeks carrying around something that I didn't even know was in there (like one of my kid's used applesauce pouches).

As I've become more accustomed to the idea of what everyday carry is, I have sought out to become more intentional about what I carry. By being intentional and more organized, I can not only be more prepared for the unexpected, but my gear is much more useful because I can find it when I need it. 


This EDC setup is a what I actually carry in my organizer, which is thrown into my purse for easy access. 

Most men carry their essential gear in their pockets, but most women don't. Women's clothing is a huge limiting factor as we either have no pockets (wearing a dress) or super small pockets (most women's jeans), which are barely big enough to comfortably hold a tube of chapstick. Typically, this leaves us with a purse or bag of some kind, which actually gives women many more options to hold gear and prepare for the unexpected.

The gear featured in today's carry is a representation of what you could put in a Maxpedition organizer.

Let's take a more detailed look.


Maxpedition E.D.C. Organizer

I've been carrying a Maxpedition organizer for about 18 months. In my purse, it is a great way to add organization to my EDC. I first started out with a black Maxpedition Beefy Organizer and now carry a Maxpedition E.D.C. Organizer (shown here in khaki), which is just a bit smaller than the Beefy.

I may end up going back to the Beefy in order to fit everything comfortably in my organizer, but it's proved invaluable as I can easily transfer the contents of my purse to a back pack or the console of my car.

Shop the E.D.C. Organizer


Adventure Medical Kit Travel Medic

Adventure Medical Kit Travel Medic

This exact Travel Medic has been carried for many years (3 or 4?) and was actually one of the first EDC items I carried. Long gone are the original medical items, but I restock it often, especially with two kids under the age of five. 

Recently, I was at the airport and didn't notice that I had inadvertently re-opened a cut on my finger. I was able to provide basic first aid for myself. I also was stuck in a meeting and had a headache, but had ibuprofen readily available.

We've talked about before how the Travel Medic is an easy way to add first aid to your everyday carry.

Can't say enough about the durability and how much this is used.

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Fisher Space Pen Stowaway

It isn't practical to carry a pen in my pocket, and I never have a shirt that could hold one like many men, but this pen is so lightweight, it's easy to store in my EDC organizer.

I always have something to write with and this Stowaway Pen has come in handy when I'm avoiding using a public pen during flu season or when I need to quickly jot a note down. It's available in blue (shown), black or red.

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Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" Notebook

Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" Notebook

I love the color of this bright yellow notebook and love even more the durability of Rite in the Rain paper. 

When leaving a restaurant one time I had my kids drinks sitting on top of my stuff in my purse and sure enough, I bent over and their drinks spilled everywhere. I was frustrated that my paper notebook was essentially rendered useless, so I made the switch over to this  fun, yellow Rite in the Rain 3" x 5" notebook and haven't looked back since.

Shop the Yellow 3" x 5" Notebook


Leatherman Juice C2

I admit, it was the yellow color that initially brought me to this model of the Leatherman Juice C2 . . . But, it's been a great addition to my EDC. 

The phillips and flathead screwdrivers are the most used tools. I keep my purse (and therefore this kit) on the bench when you first walk in my house and if I'm switching out batteries on a kids toy or having to take off the handle of a door because my 2-year old locked himself in the bathroom (yes, it has happened!) it's easy to quickly reach for my Leatherman. 

I also carry a Leatherman Style CS on my keychain which has the scissors as the primary tool, tweezers and a nail file, so this is a great option to have when I need a bit bigger, beefier tool. Leatherman quality is top notch.


Solo Scientific Aurora Firestarter

Solo Scientific Aurora Firestarter

Here at Option Gray, we just started carrying  Solo Scientific and I made the switch to give this Aurora Firestarter a try, but have been very happy with the qualify. 

It's American-made (which is always a huge plus) and there are no plastic parts on it. I haven't had to make fire in an emergency situation (yet) but have practiced. It's a good back up firestarting option.

Shop the Aurora Firestarter in Black


Sea to Summit Pocket Hand Wash

Sea to Summit Pocket Hand Wash

Another item that I've carried for years is a pocket soap pack. 

The Sea to Summit Pocket Hand Wash has 50 paper-thin leaves of soap in a hard-plastic case. After all these years I have only used half of them up. They got a little stuck together from the water-in-purse incident mentioned above, but have saved many instances where a public restroom or campground has been out of soap.



Tourniquet/Gloves/Duct Tape

I hope I never do have to use this, but if any kind of shooting situation arises or I find myself in or upon a horrible car accident, the a tourniquet can possibly save the life of either myself, someone I love, or a stranger.

Shop the Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide (1.5"), Black


Bic Classic Lighter

Bic Classic Lighter

The primary way to start a fire that I carry, I picked up a Bic Classic Lighter at the grocery store and have used it a few times to singe off paracord so it didn't unravel and to light birthday candles.

It's always recommended to have two ways to start a fire on you at all times and a lighter is a fast and easy way to do it.


We've had a great time curating these EDC setups. Hopefully, we've inspired both men and women to make what you carry on your person or in your bag/purse more useful.