How to build a functional EDC keychain

How to build a functional EDC keychain

There are few things you can't leave home without; your keys are one of them. You carry them in your pocket or bag and use them throughout the day. If you lose them, it can cost you big time ... As one of your most important and used pieces of kit, have you taken the time to optimize them? Let's look at a keychain setup that is as functional as it is good-looking.

Included here is the Everyman Porter EDC Keychain Knife and Cable Key Ring, the MARATAC Split Pea Lighter in Stainless Steel, CountyComm's Screw Key Set, Sliver Gripper's Stainless Steel Tweezers with Clip and the Jepsen LeatherGoods Key Ring Cover in Black.

Ensuring that you are intentional with what you have on your keychain, it's important to think through the types of tools and gear you put on it. The free keychain you got when you bought your car offers no value and just takes up space. 

As one of your most important and used pieces of kit, have you optimized your keys for weight, utility and size? Is your current keychain setup working for you?

  • Utility: Keys (for your vehicle, house, work, storage, etc.), a back-up cutting tool to your EDC knife (like the Porter Keychain we're featuring here), etc. all add utility to your keychain. Ensuring that you put thought to what you're carrying and why prevents you from leaving critical EDC gear off 
  • Weight: Evaluating aluminum or titanium against the heavier metals such as copper and brass can make sure you don't regret a possibly expensive gear purchase
  • Size: Bigger is not necessarily always better, especially when your keys budge in your pocket, making an uncomfortable mess

Our keychain setup is shown on the stainless steel cable ring that is included with the Porter Keychain Multitool, and is a great way of keeping your keychain gear accessible. 

Let's take a closer look at the gear you need in order to build a functional EDC keychain that is lightweight, small, and offers the utility you need. 


Have the ability to cut

Everyman Porter EDC Keychain Multitool + Key ring

Everyman Porter EDC Keychain Multitool

Everyman was founded on the idea of solving everyday problems. With the ability to cut being a critical part of any intentional EDC, it's important to always have a knife with you. 

A small knife, like the Porter EDC Multitool, is a good option to ensure you always have the ability to cut as part of your Primary EDC. Reasons include:

  • If a larger fixed or folding blade won't work for your EDC, either due to limited pocket space, type of clothing you're wearing, regulations at the place you are going, etc.
  • Having a redundant EDC is something we always advocate for. Have multiple cutting tools with you so you are never without, and a small knife pairs well with your larger blade
  • Save the edge of your primary blade by using your secondary knife for opening boxes, cutting through package material, etc.
  • You're in a situation where you need a more permissive blade. Opening up a small keychain knife can draw less attention than a larger pocket knife

Launched on Kickstarter back in 2015, the Porter multitool weighs less than an ounce and gives you a 3CR13 surgical grade, drop point click-block blade, a dual layer bottle opener, an automotive-grade Torx T3 fortified star bolt--all on a reinforced key ring.

Stainless steel EDC keyring comes with your Porter Multitool

Included with every Porter Multitool is a stainless steel cable key ring. There is plenty of room to maneuver and get access to your tools when they are stored on a steel cable ring. It's a great way to upgrade your EDC keychain.

Buy the Porter Keychain Multitool


Have the ability to make fire

MARATAC Split Pea Lighter, Stainless Steel

MARATAC Split Pea EDC Lighter in stainless steel

MARATAC'S Split Pea Lighter is the world's smallest stainless steel production lighter at only 1.25" long. Constructed of 300-series stainless steel, it uses standard lighter fluid and can be carried right on your keychain.

The bottom of the lighter is flat, allowing it to stand up so it can easily serve as a hands-free source of light in a pinch. 

You can also remove the lighter insert and use the Split Pea as a small, water-tight container to hold medication or other small items.

Buy the Stainless Steel Split Pea Lighter


Bring some basic tools

CountyComm Screw Key 2-Piece Set

CountyComm Screw Key screwdrivers for your Keychain EDC

Made out of heat-treated blackened steel, the Screw Key Set by CountyComm is as basic as it can get. It's the simple idea of a screwdriver on your keyring and includes a standard and Phillips screwdriver, both attached to a 1" diameter satin keyring (not shown here). 

Having screwdrivers easily accessible on your keychain (or kept in your  Secondary EDC Pocket Organizer) can come in handy if you're opening up battery covers, assembling basic furniture, tightening a lose door nob and even just to scrape or pry, which saves your blade. It's a great inexpensive upgrade for your keychain tools.

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Take basic first aid with you

Sliver Gripper Tweezers in Stainless Steel with Clip

Sliver Gripper Tweezers with clip for your keychain EDC

Crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel and precise in their point of contact, you can grab fine hairs, splinters, stingers, stitches, thorns and more with these tweezers. These are stainless steel, but we also carry them in black oxide or titanium.

Especially if you're out with your family, having tweezers available to provide some basic first aid is a great way to be prepared. They come with a clip that allows them to be put on your keyring. Just squeeze to pull out the tweezers to remove them from the clip. To replace them, just squeeze and push the pointed end into the clip's slot until it clicks into place.

Buy the Stainless Steel Tweezers with Clip


Add some style

Jepsen LeatherGoods Key Ring Cover in Black

Black leather key ring cover handmade in the USA

Okay, it doesn't serve much of a function, but it does make your keys look damn good. 

The black leather key cover by Jepsen LeatherGoods is handmade in Wisconsin, USA.

Buy the Leather Key Ring Cover in Black


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