How to carry a tourniquet

How to carry a tourniquet

This week we are going to highlight one of the most overlooked pieces of an Intentional EDC ... Medical. Actually, we are going to focus in even more and look at carrying a tourniquet and how to incorporate one into your Primary EDC. Check out this weeks featured carry, including the PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier with a Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical 1.5" Wide Tourniquet.

Adding a tourniquet carrier to your EDC gear
Above is the PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet CarrierTactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet, and the Zero Tolerance 0350ST.

We can't express how important it is to carry medical supplies on you at all times, specifically a tourniquet. This is especially important if you are a responsible citizen and carry a concealed weapon as part of your Primary EDC. Outside of that scenario, you should also make a habit of carrying a tourniquet in your Secondary EDC and Extended EDC as well. 

Why? There are rare situations when you or someone else fall victim to severe extremity bleeding. Car wrecks, accidents, workplace injuries and many other scenarios, other than gunshot wounds, are more likely and happen on a daily basis. If you can easily save the life of yourself, your spouse, your child, or even a complete stranger, it's worth it.

Let's look at how you can easily be better prepared.


PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier

PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier

The PHLster Flatpack is the solution for incorporating a tourniquet into your EDC. Whether you're going shopping, to the range or headed to work, a tourniquet should be part of your EDC. With a simple backboard design, the PHLster Flatpack uses adjustable shock cord to securely hold a flat-packed tourniquet of your choice in place. The included soft loops allow it to be obscurely carried in a horizontal position on the belt for rapid deployment. One-handed access is paramount and the Flatpack is easily operated with one hand thanks to its shock cord securing system.

Remove the soft loops and the Flatpack keeps your tourniquet together, making it easy to store in your pants pocket due to a thinner profile.

If you are looking for more carry options, the Flatpack can be equipped with a  MALICE CLIP from Tactical Tailor and can be carried vertically on your belt or anything else with MOLLE webbing. The versatility of the Flatpack offers a variety of on and off-body carry options. If you need to pocket carry or off-body carry, and size is a consideration, just remove the soft loops for an even lower profile.

The included soft loops allow it to be obscurely carried in a horizontal position on the belt for rapid deployment.

Plainclothes carry of a tourniquet has never been easier. Pair the Flatpack with a SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide for a great combination of convenience and preparedness. 

Thanks to PHLster, there's no excuse to leave your tourniquet at home.

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Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide

The PHLster Tourniquet Carrier on the top, with the Tactical Medical Solutions SOF-T Tourniquet on the bottom.

The Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide is the result of a 2-year long research project that resulted in a truly functional life-saving piece of equipment. The SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide is a lighter weight than its predecessor, while still offering a 1.5" wide tourniquet strap. This wide strap sets it apart from most standard tourniquets and allows for a wider compression pattern. 

The PHLster Tourniquet Carrier on the left, with the Tactical Medical Solutions SOF-T Tourniquet on the right.

The redesigned hook and buckle interface allows rapid routing of the strap, which saves precious time. There's no need to rethread the webbing through a buckle. When time equals life, efficiency is king.

The Tactical Medical Solutions SOF-T Tourniquet inside a PHLster Tourniquet Carrier.

Keeping the time aspect front and center, if you are intentional about your Primary EDC, you need an effective and practical way to carry your tourniquet. That's where PHLster comes into play. Up until this point, there has never really been a great way to incorporate at TQ into your Primary EDC gear that allowed for convenience and speed while maintaining a low profile. 

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