Six reasons to carry scissors everyday

Six reasons to carry scissors everyday

Scissors. They may remind you of kindergarten art projects, but should be given consideration for your everyday carry. Whether you're wanting to save your knife blade or have a public-friendly cutting option, we look at six reasons why you should have scissors with you.

Six reasons to carry scissors everydayWrite Notepads Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors make it easy to take scissors on-the-go.

We often talk about how a knife can be a helpful tool to carry, but one item that is often overlooked is scissors.

We've all been there. You're going about daily life and you realize what you really need is a pair of scissors and the closest one is downstairs, in a different room, sitting in your junk drawer. 

Scissors in your  Primary (gear that fits in your pockets or is carried on your person) or Secondary EDC (gear that is carried in a separate bag or container, but is still with you as you go about day-to-day life) can be used for a variety of things including:

  1. Cutting loose threads
  2. Opening packaging 
  3. Cutting tape
  4. Grooming (trimming nose hairs or your fingernails)
  5. Foraging 
  6. Fishing
  7. Sewing
  8. Survival

Scissors are mostly helpful when you ensure that the ones you have are good quality, as I'm sure all of us have had the pleasure of getting frustrated over a cheap pair of scissors that doesn't work.

Let's take a look at six reasons why you should consider adding scissors to your everyday carry.


1. Do things that knives aren't good at doing

Leatherman Style CS
A multi-tool that offers scissors can give you the advantages of both a pocket knife and scissors.

Like any other tool, scissors have their place because they do things that knives aren't so good at doing. It seems that more and more things are packed in thick clamshell packaging and scissors are much more capable of safely cutting through the thick plastic over a knife.

A good pair of scissors will cut more efficiently and more precisely than a good knife for many tasks. Each of the two tools has their positives and negatives, but having the option for a small and precise cutting tool can come in handy.


2. Can save your blade

Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors
Write Notepads Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors open as strong, fully functioning scissors.

If you're looking to cut something that could be harder on a knife, like metal foil or thin wires, using inexpensive scissors can make a lot more sense than using your knife blade.


3. Precision and control

This one is up to your knife size, blade shape and skills, but for most folks scissors can give you some more precision and control over a knife blade.

Also, if you invest in a quality pair of scissors, having sharp and small scissors for things like trimming a hang nail or removing frayed/loose threads on clothes is much easier than your dull kitchen scissors that you've had since college.

Being able to get a clean cut or to get into a tight space to snip away at something where a blade won't reach far enough is reason enough to make EDC-ing scissors worthwhile.


4. Safer

Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors
Write Notepads Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors fold into themselves for safe storage.

For a lot of cutting tasks, using scissors can be safer. The blades are not as sharp as a pocket knife and with both cutting edges pointed towards each other, the likelihood of accidentally cutting yourself is much lower.

If you're opening up a thin package of food, cutting a piece of paper (like the article you want to keep from the doctors office) or snipping the occasional stray thread, scissors are a safer option. 

Also, scissors can be a great starting option for a child who is wanting to start his or her own EDC. A blade-less multitool and/or a pair of scissors and an inexpensive flashlight can be a safe starting point to teach proper handling and responsibility.


5. Public-friendly

Using scissors, whether stand alone or as part of a multi-tool, can be a non-threatening way to complete a task.

Depending on where you live and where you are, using a small multitool or folding scissors can be done without raising an eyebrow whereas pulling out something as small as an Opinel No. 6 can sometimes be misunderstood.

Scissors are just more socially accepted, right or wrong. This is an important to be aware of and if public-friendly scissors can do the task and it makes you not stick out or alarm the people around you, then they are a better option.


6. TSA-friendly

Write Notepads Slip n' Snip Folding Scissors are only 3.25" wide when closed.

Here in the United States, some smaller scissors are allowed by TSA Security to be carried on airplanes. This gives you cutting abilities even in one of the most highly-regulated environments.

Note that this is not the case and some countries, like Australia, do not allow them, so make sure you check the most up-to-date guidelines before you travel.



If you're looking for dedicated scissors, the Write Notepads Slip 'n Snip Scissors are Made in the USA and are a great option. Scissors also come on a variety of multitools, so make sure you check out all of our scissor options here.

As with any gear that you have as part of your EDC if you don't have it on you when you need it, then it's worthless. Grab some scissors and throw them in your Primary EDC for a few weeks and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised with how often you reach for them.