TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen and a copper EDC

TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen and a copper EDC

Copper has been used for over 10,000 years, making it man's oldest metal. This week we highlight the newest kit added to the shop, the Copper Keychain Pen by TT PockeTTools, as well as other copper favorites. Machined in Connecticut using US-sourced raw materials, it's a great way to add a pen to your EDC.

TT PockeTTools Keychain Pen and a copper EDC

Included in this week's featured carry is the TT PockeTTools Copper Keychain Pen, the MARATAC Copper Peanut Lighter, and the OTTER-Messer Mercator Lockback Knife 10-626R Stainless Steel, Copper.

We featured a few months back an all-copper EDC, and we just couldn't help ourselves to do it again. This precious metal finds its way into our pockets. The patina that copper develops can be anywhere from brown to oranges and gives any EDC a unique, individual look.

Copper may not be the most lightweight option, but it tips it hat to history, as copper is man's oldest metal.

Let's take a closer look.


TT PockeTTools EDC Keychain Pen, Copper

TT PockeTTools EDC Keychain Pen in Copper

A critical part of any intentional EDC, a pen gives you the ability to write down important information, thoughts, to-do's, notes or ideas. But, it's only helpful if you have a pen accessible as part of your Primary EDC. TT PockeTTool's Keychain Pen solves this problem by giving you a durable machined pen, attached to your keychain, so you always have it with you.

EDC Copper Pen for your keychain or pocket

Manufactured out of solid copper, the Keychain Pen from TT PockeTTools is just slightly larger than its refill, only 3.25" long and is only 1.6 ounces in weight. The threaded cap with a silicon rubber o-ring makes for a smooth action when taking the pen cap off and putting it on, but keeps it secured to your keychain.

Copper EDC pen will develop a natural patina with time

The copper will develop a natural patina with time, or you can polish it to maintain it's shiny, bright color. The color will look different for every pen, as the patina changes depending on how you carry it, where you carry it and the oils of your skin.

If you're looking at a lighter weight option, try the  Aluminum EDC Keychain Pen, which weighs only 0.4 ounces. Or, the Brass version at 1.15 ounces.

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Flytanium Dice Set, Copper

Flytanium Dice Set in Copper for your EDC kit

Larger than your average dice, each Cuboid copper dice is CNC milled from thick, solid, copper billet, holding tight tolerances for a precision product. The edges feature a clean chamfer and rounded bottom pips, or dots. A beautiful and durable stonewash finish rounds out the overall aesthetic of the Cuboid die. These are definitely an heirloom piece that will be enjoyed for many generations. It's a unique piece to add to your EDC.


MARATAC Peanut Lighter, Copper

MARATAC Peanut EDC Lighter in Copper

MARATAC'S Peanut Lighter is the middle-size option in the MARATAC lighter family, perfect for having a little bit extra fuel for fire starting. An incredibly small copper lighter, the Peanut Lighter is constructed of commercially pure grade copper and is 1.9" long. It weighs only 1.0 ounce.

Only 1 oz copper keychain lighter

The Peanut Lighter uses standard lighter fluid and can be carried in your pants pocket, keychain, EDC kit or stored with your camping equipment for a long period of time without the fluid drying out. The bottom of the lighter is flat, allowing it to stand up if need be. With that feature, it can easily serve as a hands-free source of light in a pinch.

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OTTER-Messer Mercator Lockback Knife 10-626R Stainless Steel, Copper

OTTER-Messer Mercator Lockback Knife 10-626R Stainless Steel, Copper

OTTER-Messer's classic Mercator has a "K55K" with a leaping black cat on the handle, but that traditional mark been updated for this brass edition. Instead, it has the company logo, an otter catching a fish, and the word "OTTER" on the side.

Stainless steel blade copper EDC knife

This traditional folding knife has a stainless steel blade, a lockback mechanism and has a nail nick opener. The small bail loop can be used for lanyards or a chain attachment and the thin profile allows it to lay flat in your pocket, making it a great EDC knife.

EDC pocket knife by OTTER-Messer

The Brass Mercator can be used for a variety of everyday tasks and its traditional and minimalistic design is tough enough for everyday carry.

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