What fits in a Gobi Gear SegSac Traveler 18.5L stuff sack?

What fits in a Gobi Gear SegSac Traveler 18.5L stuff sack?

A stuff sack is a great option for lightweight travel, from going on a cross-the-world flight or spending time camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. To make using them even easier, GOBI GEAR created a segmentation system that creates five compartments in each stuff sack. Let's take a look at how to organize and fit in enough gear for a multi-day trip into an 18.5L size stuff sack.

Fitting gear into a 18.5L GOBI GEAR stuff sack

Stuff sacks have always been a great travel option for backpacking, camping, kayaking, and all around travel. It's easy for transporting sleeping bags, clothes, and other gear in a stuff sack allows you to compress soft goods, saving valuable space. But, one of the downsides of using stuff sacks is that you throw everything into one bag. When you need something, the laws of life mean it will be at the bottom of the bag and your dirty and clean clothes mix.

GOBI GEAR set out to make stuff sacks that fix this problem. Their stuff sacks offer internal pockets, making segmentation and organization of your gear much easier. 

Let's take a look at the amount of gear you can fit into their 18.5L Traveler series, which has external compression straps and an optional adjustable shoulder strap.


Check out how we packed it


Here is everything we fit, with a little bit of room the spare.


The complete packing list:


Next time you're wanting to travel a bit lighter and a bit smaller, but still keep your gear organized, give a GOBI GEAR stuff sack a try.