Update your workspace with a desktop steno pad

Update your workspace with a desktop steno pad

Spending so much time at your workspace likely means countless hours of screen time. A great way to take a mental break is to take notes the old-fashioned way, by writing them down. Let's take a look at the classic steno pad and how to optimize the gear you use at your desk.

Update your workspace with a desktop steno pad
Featured is the Write Notepads Steno Notebook, which has quickly become the ideal desktop companion.

The reality is that a lot of folks spend a lot of time at a desk. Whether at work or at home, work and life requires screen time.

We've talked before that having the ability to write stuff down makes remembering things easier. It creates a note-taking habit, it's more reliable than technology and it creates a written history of your life, even if it's mundane. This also applies to your workspace.

We run an online shop so the amount of screen time we have every day is more than we'd like to admit. So we made the switch to write all of our notes down on paper. No matter if it's a phone call, a to do, or meeting notes, we turn to our favorite notepad. We wanted to share this favorite with you, the Write Notepads Steno Notebook.


History of the steno notebook

Write Notepads Steno Notebook

The word "steno" is short for "stenography," which is the process of writing in shorthand.

Shorthand is a series of symbols used to create letters and words and came out of the need for dictation, or writing things down as quickly as someone speaks. It was a critical skill for those that worked as secretaries, policemen, journalists and those in the healthcare community. The skill has been mostly replaced by dictation systems, but the legacy of being able to take accurate notes has lived on.

Write Notepads Steno Notebook

There is something about the classic look of the steno notepad that we love, and it's good to see it given a modern twist.


The modern steno pad

Write Notepads took the classic steno pad and updated it to be the perfect desk companion. 100% made in America, including the raw materials which are all American-sourced, this Baltimore, MD-based company has quality paper products in their roots. The founder is a third-generation book binder and always reverts back to the old way when the old way produces a better product.

The grid, printed in an unobtrusive blue-green, is top-bound. It works great for left-handed or right-handled folks, as the binding is out of the way. It makes it easy to keep your lists and to-do's, notes or doodles on hand for reference. With a cover made from 60pt board stock, produced from 100% post-consumer waste, and solid-brass binding, this notebook will stand up to day to day carrying and use. The 70# paper stock with vegetable-based ink lines is thick enough your gel or fountain pen won't leak through.

KarasKustoms THE BOLT in Copper

We paired our much-loved steno notepad with Karas Kustoms The BOLD Copper pen. Machined out of solid copper in Mesa, Arizona, USA, it will age to a nice patina with use. The BOLT pictured here has been used for about six months and has never been polished, giving it this great and unique color.

Write Notepads & Co. Pocket Linear Measuring Device (Ruler)

Also always on our desktop is Write Notepad's pocket ruler, and we find ourselves using it all the time. Measuring products, getting accurate size estimates are things we use it for on a daily basis.

This 611C ruler is a two-sided 6" ruler with a clip. It is 1/2" wide and .020" thick. It has pica/half-pica increments on front top and inches (16ths) on the bottom. On the back edge there are point increments on the top and metric on the bottom. It has a flush start, making accurate measuring simple.


Upgrade your desktop

Make the excuse to get that mental break from your computer and write stuff down. The classic steno pad is a great place to start, add a quality pen and ruler, and update the gear you have on your desk.

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