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Everyday carry, or EDC, is simply the things you carry on a daily basis. It could be a concealed handgun, pocket knife, flashlight, multitool, organizer, wallet, and more. Our belief is you should be intentional about the gear you choose, how it’s used, and how it integrates into your life. Join us as we take a look at all the things that support you daily.

edc pocket notebooks

How to pick the best pocket notebook for your EDC

We are firm believers in the benefits of carrying a pocket notebook as part of your EDC, but picking one can seem a bit daunting, especially since we stock over 40 different options. Let’s look at five areas of consideration (size, binding, paper type, paper print and the cover material) to help you find the one that fits your Primary or Secondary EDC best.

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Rite in the rain notebook, adventure medical kits pocket medic, vargo spork, gerber shard, uncle bills sliver gripper, slip-n-nip scissors, field notes pencil, county comm screwkey, and tec accessories python clip

10 Best pieces of EDC gear under $10

Your EDC doesn’t have to be expensive. Actually, many folks practice everyday carry and don’t even know it, picking up useful gear as they go. They have their wallet, keys and may carry either a pocket knife or something as simple as a lighter. But, if you’re looking to update your gear, start with our list of our Top EDC Gear Under $10. Your next “can’t function without it” tool could be a cheap one.

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leatherman wingman and leatherman sidekick

Leatherman Wingman vs Sidekick EDC multitool comparison

When Leatherman came out with the Wingman, they also introduced the Sidekick. These “sister” multitools offer Leatherman quality at an affordable price. Made for hard work, pocket carry and long-term use, read our comparison guide and find which one is the best multitool to add to your EDC.

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EDC organizer with gear

The three tiers of everyday carry (EDC)

What is EDC? It just means everyday carry, right? Well, we wanted to add some more definition around what everyday carry is. By separating your EDC into three tiers (Primary, Secondary and Extended) we can start to be much more intentional about what we carry, why we carry it and when we should carry it.

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fire starters

How to pick the best fire starter

It’s always a good idea to have at least two ways to start a fire with you at all times. Whether your electricity goes out or you’re outdoors and the weather changes, you get injured or even lost, fire can be the difference between survival or not.

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cell phone, sypderco knife, pen, and notebook.

The lost art of memorizing phone numbers

Quick. Can you remember your home phone number you had when you were 10 years old? If you were born before 1990, chances are you can still recite that old number. Now . . . Out of the five people you love the most (spouse, children, parents, good friends), do you know their phone number? Let’s talk about the lost art of remembering phone numbers and some ways you can be more intentional about memorization.

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