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When someone mentions preparedness, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it prepping, the end of the world, the apocalypse…or, does it simply mean being in a state of readiness for whatever life throws at you? We believe preparedness is having the knowledge, skills, ability, and gear to handle life in a way that builds confidence and peace of mind. This isn’t about doom and gloom, it’s about getting out and living life to the fullest.

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

Urban Survival Rifle – Ruger 10/22

What is the best urban survival rifle? I’m not talking about self-defense applications, that is another topic. I’m talking about all-around, best bang for your buck type of gun. Join me as I discuss my choice and why I picked it.

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Grayl ultralight water purifer bottle

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle: How to Use

Having clean water is paramount, but is something most of us take for granted. What happens when you are in a situation where the water you have access to is not safe to drink? GRAYL offers a solution that provides you a way to purify water in a simple package. Let’s take a look at the specifications, how it performs, and how to use it.

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bug out trailer

Bug Out Trailer – Is it worth it?

What is a bugout trailer and why would anyone need one? Some people see it as a complete waste of money. What if you could use it for a lot more than a worst-case scenario? Would that change your mind?

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Cammenga WC-10 Wrist Watch Compass Review

Are you looking for the perfect button compass to use in emergencies or as as a backup to your primary navigation? The Cammenga WC-10 may be the answer. Join us as we take a look at some of the features of this model.

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urban wildfire

Bug Out Bag Essentials – 95 items to pack

A Bug Out Bag is a bag containing enough food, water, and other essential gear to typically support one person for 72 hours. Do you have a bug out bag, and if so, how deliberate were you in choosing the contents? Let’s look at what I consider the essentials of my bug out bag.

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mylar space blanket and accessories

19 Uses for a Mylar Space Blanket

A space blanket is one of the most common items found in a survival or emergency kit. We wanted to take some time to revisit this item and discuss 19 different uses you should be aware of. It’s more than just a way to keep warm.

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Man with satellite phone

Travel Planning – Satellite Phone Restrictions

If you plan on traveling to an international destination, you should always be putting in the legwork ahead of time to make sure your trip goes smoothly. This is especially relevant when it pertains to issues that may jam you up. If you plan on doing any travel with a satellite phone, you make want to take the time to do your homework.

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house on car tornado

How to prepare for severe weather – Tornado emergency kit checklist

If you live in Tornado Alley, which encompasses the southern plains of the central United States, it’s good practice to have a heightened awareness of these events.

Despite the random and often unpredictable nature of tornadoes, there are things we can do to prepare for such a devastating event. What should you have ready for Tornado season this Spring? Let’s look at the contents of an emergency weather kit or tornado kit.

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