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Travel is a lot of things to a lot of people. It can include things like local travel, cross-country travel, foreign travel, adventure travel, overlanding, thru-hiking, backpacking, and everything in-between. Join us as we cover it all through trip reviews, adventure ideas, tips, techniques and more.

international travel

6 Tips on how to cross an international border

You’ve got a lot of valuable gear that is critical for your trip and you are entering a country with people that have the authority to not let you enter. They can go through and confiscate your stuff, and even have the authority to detain or arrest you. It’s serious and should be taken that way. But, what can you do to make your border crossing much easier? Here are six lessons we’ve learned when crossing a border, specifically in developing countries.

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Raft Grand Canyon National Park

Love adventure travel? Raft the Grand Canyon

Option Gray founder Cody Martin takes us through his trip rafting the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. He calls it a five-year trip. Why? Because this “once in a lifetime/bucket list/you have to do this trip” could easily be yours if you put a little bit of cash away every month. Any dream is not unreachable … It’s setting and achieving small goals, which ultimately allow you to achieve the big goal. Follow along with his recount of the trip, and get inspired to start planning yours.

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folding spork on edc kit

6 reasons why you should carry a folding titanium spoon or spork

Being prepared and having specific tools for specific tasks can prevent inconveniences and annoyances. A little forethought can go a long way. A small and lightweight eating utensil, like a folding titanium spork, can be carried in a bag, in your car, or gear organizer, is a great way to ensure you’re prepared.

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cellphone flashlight, led lantern, headlamp, aaa flashlight

Don’t use your cell phone flashlight when camping

A modern-day cell phone has replaced notebooks, calendars, and calculators. But, that doesn’t mean it can replace other essential tools like a quality flashlight. This is true in day to day life, but especially true when you’re packing for your weekend camping trip. Hear us out as we try to convince you why not to use your cell phone as your primary flashlight when camping.

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tacmed soft t tourniquet and phlster flatpack tourniquet carrier

How to carry a tourniquet

This week we are going to highlight one of the most overlooked pieces of an Intentional EDC … Medical. Actually, we are going to focus in even more and look at carrying a tourniquet and how to incorporate one into your Primary EDC.

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travel utensils

5 best eating utensils for travel

Having the ability to eat food with a utensil quickly becomes important the moment you don’t have one available. Whether you’re at work or school, driving to another city, spending time outdoors, or flying out of the country, with an Intentional EDC, an eating utensil can be with you at all times. Inexpensive, small and lightweight, let’s look at the 5 best eating utensils for travel.

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flashlight in the dark

How to use a flashlight for self-defense

A self-defense flashlight is a light specifically chosen and carried to be used as a less-than-lethal defense tool. We want to talk about why a flashlight is a vital part of an Intentional EDC, how to use your light as a force option as well as some considerations when buying a flashlight.

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gray man gear and clothing

Being a gray man: Clothing and gear

A gray man blends in with his surroundings, becoming forgettable—another face in the crowd. Clothing can either help you disappear, or make you stand out. Let’s take a look at why clothing is so important, how to determine the right clothing to wear, and how to be intentional about the gear you carry.

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watch, phone, and clock

7 Reasons why being on time can improve your life

The knowledge, skills and abilities you carry with you can never be taken away. No matter where you are in life, taking the initiative to be a better person to those around you will always be worth it. Let’s take a look at how making changes to be on time can positively impact this critical component to your life.

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TSA compliant EDC kit

Flying: How to build a TSA-Friendly EDC Kit

We wanted to put together a TSA-Friendly EDC Kit that you could take with you in a backpack, purse or brief case so you have it on your person and accessible, even when traveling via airplane. You’ll need to modify this based on the duration of your trip, time of year, weather, who you are traveling with and your destination, but we hope it gives you guidance on the type of gear you should consider packing.

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