EXOTAC fireSLEEVE Waterproof Lighter Sleeve, Black

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Fire is the most important part of any survival situation. As we've talked about in our How to pick a firestarter guide, a plastic Bic Lighter is a great fire starting option. Advantages of this method include:

  • There are many steps to fire making: 1) spark --> 2) ember --> 3) full flame. A Bic Lighter jumps you all the way to Step 3
  • You don't have to have special kindling that will take a spark; just use a handful of dry sticks and you can easily get a fire started
  • Even when the lighter is out of fuel, it still can throw a good spark that can ignite a tinder bundle
  • You can salvage the flint
  • Easy to use if you find a hand/arm injured

A plastic lighter is one the easiest-to-use fire making tools, but there are some serious limitations. If it gets wet you have to wait until the flint has dried out. It can be hard to secure it to a back pack and it can fall out of your pocket (which keeping a fire source on your person and close to your body is critical for survival). If you need to keep the gas button depressed to light your fire, it gets hot very quickly. These might sound like only minor annoyances, but if you’re ever in a survival situation and fire becomes your top priority, it’s no longer a minor problem to find that your lighter is missing or unusable.

EXOTAC has designed the black fireSLEEVE to fit the Bic Classic Lighter like a glove and fix these problems. They relentlessly tweaked the design and sorted through dozens of materials until they found the perfect combination of high end polymers. Throughout the design process, EXOTAC also field tested the fireSLEEVE to ensure that it will perform under harsh conditions. You need a fire starter to work flawlessly when you really need it and the fireSLEEVE helps ensure that is possible.

The EXOTAC fireSLEEVE is available in two colors:

  1. Black (Current Product)
  2. Orange

Made in the USA.


  • Waterproof even when submerged to 3 feet for 30 minutes
  • Floats
  • Protects the gas button from being pressed accidentally
  • Gas lock allows lighter to stay on without holding the gas button
  • Attachment points on the cap and on the body to keep you lighter from getting lost
  • Retain cap on bottom of body
  • Improved grip
  • Reusable

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