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Jake Hoback Knives F23 Knife Maintenance Kit

Jake Hoback Knives
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Jake Hoback's knife making journey began in 1990 when he would crank out knives utilizing a chunk of steel, a framing hammer and fence post nails. From there, he transitioned to working in a blacksmith shop where he solidified his love for the trade. Fast forward to 2003 where Jake started making and selling knives professionally. He has been making outstanding products ever since.

The F23 Knife Maintenance Kit addresses a need in the industry for the ongoing care and maintenance of knives. Although cleaning kits are very common in the firearms industry, and everybody knows you have to clean a gun to keep it in top operating condition, there are many knife users and collectors who are unaware that they need to clean and maintain their knives in a similar way.

Jake envisioned a product that could cater to the specific needs that knives have and firearms don’t, and partnered with Breakthrough Clean Technologies to design an edged-tool lubricant that features a boundary additive to aid in lubricating, protecting, and enhancing the operation of all types of knives (especially folding knives).

The F23 Knife Oil is a specifically-designed knife and cutlery lubricant. Jake spent months testing different formulations and additives in search of an effective, long-lasting lubricant that won’t evaporate. The goal was to create a lubricant that will protect edged weapons and enhance the bearing and pivot movements on a folding knife. Special attention was also paid to the capillary effect that is present when joining two pieces of steel together; it is critical to provide and retain sufficient lubrication in those capillary spaces.


  • Formula 23 Knife Oil
  • Breakthrough Clean Solvent
  • Cleaning Brush (Plastic)
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Knife Disassembly Tool Pack (Allen Wrenches)
  • Knife Cleaning Mat
  • Storage Pouch
  • Jake Hoback Knives PVC Patch

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