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If you are into history and shooting, the Metal Shop Bullet Pencil can be a great addition to your EDC. Historically speaking, bullet pencils were made from spent rifle cartridges. A simple concept, bullet pencils were a pencil stored it in a used piece of brass, typically a .303 British. Starting around the 1900's, these bullet pencils were sold as wartime souvenirs. Fast forward another 30-50 years and bullet pencils saw commercialization in the U.S. market. They were produced in mass quantities and used to advertise seemingly anything. Mostly given away freely to anyone who would take one, these bullet pencils were a different twist to standard marketing practices.

As the evolution continues, we see new modifications such as erasers, pocket clips, etc. The modern additions were a big change for this simplistic and useful item. The bullet pencil's small, compact design allowed it to be carried unobtrusively on a daily basis. Folks were carrying these as part of the EDC before "everyday carry" was even a term. As with many items developed and perfected by American craftsman, the bullet pencil was eventually watered down with cheap overseas manufacturing ... However, not all is lost.

Metal Shop has taken this vintage concept and created their own unique version, the Twist Bullet Pencil. Metal Shop has created a design that allows the Twist to accommodate almost any pencil on the market and their thread system allows attachments such as a pen, eraser or cap. The Twist Bullet Pencil would make a great addition to anyone wanting to add a writing instrument to their Primary EDC. Everyday Carry has never been easier, especially for those who like a little taste of old school Americana. 

This version of the Metal Shop Twist Bullet Pencil has a polished aluminum body, cap, and bullet. As a flexible system you can have (1) the eraser cap only; (2) the eraser cap and a pocket clip; or (3) the flat cap and a pocket clip. 

Made in Connecticut, USA.

The Metal Shop Twist Bullet Pencil is available in various different metals and finishes:

  1. Copper
    1. Raw
    2. Polished
  2. Aluminum
    1. Raw
    2. Polished (Current Product)
  3. Brass
    1. Raw
    2. Polished

Use your favorite pencils

All Twist Bullet Pencils include three pencils that are ready to be used. To use your own, take the non-sharpened, or insertion end, and twist it in a pencil sharpener to create a taper. Use a small knife is used to scrap the paint off the edge of the nub. This taper allows thicker pencils to insert easily into the bullet and the paint removed allows for the nub to easily twist all the way into the bullet. You'll want to replicate this only if you have a hard time getting the nub into the bullet (typically with thicker pencils, you will know right away if this is needed). When adding your own nubs, follow this method if twisting becomes difficult. PLEASE make sure you twist the nubs all the way into the bullet until they cannot be twisted any further.


(3) Blackwing Palomino 602 pencil nubs; (3) Pink erasers; (1) Removable pocket clip; (1) Flat cap

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