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OTTER-Messer Large Anchor Knife 173R Stainless Steel, Sapeli Wood

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3.17 oz
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Stainless Steel 4034
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Since 1840, OTTER-Messer has been making high-quality knives in Solingen, Germany. OTTER-Messer translates to "Otter Knives," inspired by the otters who call the water near the factory their home. Their traditional knife-making process means a focus on quality, as every knife is ground, stropped, and polished by hand. Simple, beautiful and traditional, an OTTER-Messer knife is a great way to change up your EDC.

OTTER-Messer's Large Anchor Knife is a non-locking, slip-joint pocket knife that has a curved sheepsfoot blade, which offers good control for detail work. It's the same knife as the Large Carbon 173 knife, but with a stainless steel blade. It's also the larger version of the Small Stainless Steel 174R knife. The broad size of the blade also makes it work well for most EDC cutting tasks. The larger size of this Anchor Knife makes it a great choice for folks with larger hands, or who need to preform tasks that need the increased size and heft. But, at under 4" when closed, it can still fit comfortably in your pocket.

The blade is made out of stainless steel 4034, which is characterized by a chromium content of at least 10.5%. This chromium content builds a protective layer upon contact with oxygen so it helps to block corrosion. The 1.4034 steel that OTTER-Messer uses is a the classic material used in the production of knives in Solingen.

The handle is a made out of weatherproof sapeli wood. Sapeli, or sapeli mahogany, is from the Entandrophragma Cyclindricum tree, which is at home in the area of West to Central Africa. The wood has a strong gold to reddish-brown hue and displays a very even grain. Its hardness is middle to hard, but working with it is easy. Its golden color tends to darken with age, developing a unique look that differs from who carries it, how it's carried and the unique oils of an individuals skin. The handle includes a stainless bolster and brass anchor inlay.

The OTTER-Messer Anchor knives are available in five variations:

  1. Large Carbon 173 Sapeli Wood
  2. Large Stainless Steel 173R Sapeli Wood (Current Product)
  3. Small Stainless Steel 174R Sapeli Wood
  4. Small Stainless Steel 174RML Grenadilla Wood
  5. Small Stainless Steel 174RLB Grenadilla Wood w/ Leather Lanyard

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