Tac Med Solutions SOF Tourniquet Wide 1.5" (Gen 4), Black

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Gen 4: The SOF Tactical Tourniquet Wide Generation 4 is a true upgrade to the previous models offering 4 key upgrades over previous models.

  1. Retention Clip
    • The Retention Clip helps to secure the windlass by locking it in place once the tourniquet has been applied. This is especially helpful for one-handed applications, resulting in faster application times and doubling the security of the device in combination with the tri-ring during patient movements.
  2. 5.5" Windlass 
    • The increase in length eases the process of securing the windlass into the clip and tri-ring, increasing the effectiveness of the dual retention system. It still maintains its distinct conical ends while being machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock and anodized to minimize the product's signature in a tactical environment.
  3. Quick-Compression Buckle
    • The Quick-Compression Buckle, added to the tourniquet last year, allows for smoother buckle manipulation due to its rounded edges. This also allows for easier one-handed application and overall faster application time.
  4. Reinforced Material
    • Yes, they found a way to make the strongest tourniquet even stronger.

The SOF-T Wide has a true 1.5" wide tourniquet strap, unlike most standard tourniquets. This allows the SOF-T Wide to offer a wider compression pattern for increased comfort and arterial compression. 

The SOF-T Wide Tourniquet's ease of use, reliability and light weight are just a few of the reasons it's being carried by Military (conventional and special operations medical and non-medical personnel), EMS, law enforcement officers, contractors, federal agents, and prepared citizens (individually or as part of active shooter kits). It is also becoming one of the most popular options for EDC situations that call for extremity hemorrhage control. In terms of everyday carry, it's ease of use eliminates the fear of a large learning curve. Pair the SOF-T Wide with the PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier for a slim, compact way to add a tourniquet to your Primary EDC. 

Made in the USA.

The SOF Tactical Tourniquet Gen 4 is available in two variations:

  1. Black (Current product)
  2. Rescue Orange

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