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If you're wanting to customize any of the TEC Accessories Glow Fobs, here's your chance to build your own glow fob pellet. This kit will allow you to create a pellet insert of your own design that will replace the existing pellet that was included with the glow fob with a tritium pellet. This new pellet will replace the standard glow pellet.

Simply remove the o-ring at the bottom of the glow fob housing to exchange the standard glow pellet with one that you make yourself. This do-it-yourself pellet kit includes the necessary components to make your own replacement pellet using tritium.

Note that no tritium is included in this kit. It is illegal to resell tritium in the United States without a special license, and we do not have such a license.

What is tritium?

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen. Tritium light sources are radioluminescent and can be best described as a strong glow. They are self-powered and do not need to be charged via exposure to light, like the standard glow pellet. Tritium does not in itself emit light but excites phosphors, thereby generating light. It is most often encountered in glass capsules with an internal phosphor coating of various colors. Green is usually the brightest based on the phosphors and the sensitivity of the human eye. The half life of tritium is 12.32 years which means that a tritium based light source will be half as bright after 12.32 years.

Where can I purchase tritium vials?

There are several countries where tritium is commonly available, however some of these countries will not export tritium to other countries (in the UK for example). However, there are places where it can be obtained fairly easily, such as candlepowerforums.com or via an online search for “Merkava tritium vials”. Just make sure you find the thread that is selling tritium vials, not glowrings or any other product. The correct size is 3mm x 23mm. These will fit perfectly in the clear tubes included in this DIY kit.


(2) Pellet blanks, (2) O-Rings, (2) Neoprene washers, (1) Split ring

What this fits

  • TEC Accessories Aluminum Embrite Glow Fob, Aluminum
  • TEC Accessories Aluminum Embrite Glow Fob, Stainless Steel
    • Bead Blasted
    • Black Diamond Carbon
  • TEC Accessories Aluminum Embrite Glow Fob,Titanium

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