TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip (Single), Black Diamond

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As you work to make your everyday carry keychain setup more utilitarian, the TEC Accessories P-7 Suspension Clip is a great way to prevent larger keyring items from sitting at the bottom of your pants pockets or at the bottom of your purse or bag. Multi-function key fobs that contain RF chips and large batteries are great when it comes to opening your vehicle doors, setting the alarm, etc., but are not very convenient when it comes to carrying them around. And not just key fobs; any necessary items you've added to your EDC keychain quickly becomes too much bulk: small flashlights, pocket knives, thumb drives and more.

The P-7 solves this. It clips onto the top edge of your pocket or purse, allowing anything clipped to it to be suspended part way into your pocket. At barely .11 oz in weight and at 1.5" long, the Stainless Steel Black Diamond P-7 can help you organize your pockets and purse. Combine it with a Python Clip so some items can be left to the bottom of your pocket while others are suspended from the P-7 dangler, separating the load while making it easier to get access to the gear you use most often, such as a small flashlight or work keys. There are unlimited applications for the P-7 Suspension Clip. It's an easy way to make your EDC keychain setup intentional and useful.

Exclusive to TEC Accessories, the Black Diamond Finish is a proprietary, nano-composite microlayer, uniquely replicating a diamond’s low friction, high hardness and superb corrosion resistance. The Black Diamond Finish provides an extremely durable, near-black coating that offers wear resistance, making it a great choice for a hard-use EDC.

The P-7 Suspension Clip is available in multiple variations:

  1. Stainless Steel Bead Blasted
  2. Stainless Steel Black Diamond
    1. Single (Current Product)
    2. Double-pack


  • Made of spring tempered stainless steel with a near-black finish
  • 0.28" (7mm) wide x 1.53" (39mm) long
  • 0.11 oz (3.0 grams)


(1) 8mm Split ring

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